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As a stylist, my work involves a myriad of applications. Mainly interior and prop styling for photography followed by the occasional foray into video production and set design. I conceptualize aesthetics, envision environments, shop for and place props, craft compositions, arrange florals, haul props and execute details. Ultimately, my focus is to create stunning imagery through physical environments. I’ve worked with commercial clients such as Sunkist, Samsung, Behr Paints, Magnolia Home, Loloi Rugs, Erdos at Home and Musicbed as well as editorial clients such as Bungalow Magazine and The Magnolia Journal



I was never going to have a normal job.

My family is one of artists and entrepreneurs, risk-takers and convention-buckers. I grew up in Nashville, TN with two younger brothers and slew of household and farmyard pets. My parents pieced together a quilt of various enterprises for our household income, one of which was the small family-run bookstore and cafe off of Music Row, which also served as an outreach and ministry for the church my father ministered. I was homeschooled from the upstairs office of the cafe and spent my afternoons and weekends washing dishes, busing tables and attending ballet class and rehearsal. It wasn't until college that I realized my growing interest in the decorative arts and completed a degree in interior design and a secondary study in modern dance. Immediately following graduation, my husband and I packed our bags for Texas and started a new chapter in Fort Worth.

A few years down the road and many iterations of work in the design industry later and I finally found my calling as a photo stylist, combining the best of both the art and design worlds. In the process of discovering my career path, I started blogging - a hobby that challenged me to be creative, innovative and inquisitive on my own terms. 

A core concept of Our Style Stories is the idea that our personal style and history are mutually connected. How we choose to dress, speak, decorate, live, and serve are all wrapped up in the context of our style – a form of expression that has the potential to be both empowering and enriching. Some people have an especially beautiful and interesting way of expressing their personal style and these are the subjects of my blog.

In addition to each photo story, I also publish a podcast in which I interview each of my guests. We go deep on subjects ranging from creativity and artistry to common struggle and life lessons. And of course, fashion and home design!